The Family of Benjamin Franklin, Volume 1: English Ancestors

For decades, Michael has been working to document the family of Dr. Benjamin Franklin. Meticulous research in repositories across the United States and England has created the most well-documented genealogy of the family ever published. Now the first volume is about to head to press.

The Family of Benjamin Franklin will be a multi-volume set published over the next few years. Volume one contains information on his ancestry in England. Bits and pieces of the ancestry have been published before, but little of this meets the rigorous standards of modern genealogical research. Indeed, errors abound in published material, some of omission and some of commission.

Extensive examination of records pertaining to pre-1700 Franklin families in Northamptonshire shows several distinct family groups, and identifies those who have proven connections to Benjamin Franklin. Fully documented with abstracts of many original records, this work shows that despite claims of the family’s residence in the village of Ecton for hundreds of years, the family was, in reality, quite mobile and lived in a number of locations, not only in Northamptonshire, but in other counties as well.

In addition to the Franklin ancestry, new research was done on the women who married into the family, including Anne Child, Jane White, Agnes Jones, and Margery Meadows.

Publication information for The Family of Benjamin Franklin, Volume 1: English Ancestors will be available soon. If you are interested in getting more information about the book, please fill out the form below and you will get an email when it is published.

Franklin Family Volume 1

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