ConsultingPeople often think of consultants as working with large organizations. But whether your group is large or small, a consultant can help you. Even individuals can benefit from a consultation or two.

Personal Consultations
Do you have a brick wall problem you need help with? Are you trying to write your family history and need some assistance? Do you need help figuring out how Microsoft Word works? A personal consultation is just the thing to help you.

Organizational Consulting
Are you working on a particular project that could use some organizational help? Does your group need to do some strategic planning? Do you need help deciding between paper and electronic publishing for a particular project? Let me know what you are working on and some consulting work may be just the trick to get you moving.

Contact Me
Whether personal or organizational, get in touch with me. We can meet in person, talk over the phone, or use Skype or Facetime. Send me a message telling me briefly what you would like to discuss, and I will get back to you with details about timing, pricing, etc.